Free bilingual classroom signs! Nuestra aula es un espacio seguro…Our classroom is a safe space…

I´m excited to debut my first free printable bilingual classroom signs. Click on each image for a printable PDF. Print just one for an all-Spanish classroom or print both Spanish & English and hang side-by-side to foster a bilingual classroom environment. They should look great laminated or framed!

These and all future free printables will be found on the newest permanent page on this blog,

¡ Imprimibles gratis / Free printables !

Nuestra aula es un espacio seguro

Our classroom is a safe place

Maravillas naturales de España

maravillas_naturales de España

Perhaps use these breathtaking natural landmarks as part of a travel unit? Have students mark them on the map and/or use authentic online travel resources to create a travel plan (plane, train, rental car, bus, hotel, restaurant reservations according to an itinerary calendar, other stops on the route). Just some ideas!

Share in the comments if these images inspired any teaching ideas for you!