Es que esa es una foto vieja…

Pregunta de gramática: (scroll down for discussion of answer)

What is the grammatical gender of the word «foto,» masculine or feminine?

Hint: look at the other words in the sentence that describe «foto.»

Vocabulario: (scroll down for answers)

la mariposa

la oruga

la licencia de conducir -o- el carnet de conducir

una foto vieja

In this comic, the words «esa,« «una and «vieja« all describe the word «foto,» and they all end in «a.»

That tells us that «foto» has a feminine grammatical gender even though it ends with the letter «o.» Any ideas why?

«La foto» is short for «la fotografía,» so it actually does end in «a» in its original form. Can you think of other words like this?

La moto = la motocicleta

La bici = la bicicleta

La compu = la computadora

¿Más ejemplos? If you think of any more examples, leave a comment to share with us!


la mariposa = the butterfly

la oruga = the caterpillar

la licencia de conducir -o- el carnet de conducir = the driver´s license

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