¡Bailar es mi vida!

bailar es mi vida¡Bailar es mi vida! Notice that we use the infinitive form of the verb here, bailar.

How would you translate this to English?

“Dancing is my life!”

In English, we use the gerund, “-ing” form of the verb. But in Spanish, remember to use the infinitive! ¡Bailar es mi vida!

Here´s a link to a short video for more info on this topic: Video – Common mistakes in Spanish: Overusing gerunds


Common mistakes in Spanish: Saying “to have fun”! (Video)

  My students have their first in-class compositions soon, so I finally started my “Errores comunes” video series. I’ve been keeping record of the most common mistakes I see in student compositions for a few years now, so I hope this series will be helpful! In this video, I hope to help them learn to say “divertirse” instead of “tener divertido”. Any feedback is welcome, and I would really appreciate if you give the video a “like” on Youtube or even subscribe to my channel!