Porque estoy plantando flores… (Tema de conversación / escritura rápida)


 ¿Qué tipo de «flores» estás plantando para 2019?

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Canción: «Te abrazaré» Hello Seahorse! (El futuro)

hello seahorse!Hello Seahorse! is one of my favorite bands, and they have released their beautiful «Te abrazaré» just in time for this semester´s finals review time! See the PDF below for a cloze activity with the lyrics, a conversation prompt, and a short writing activity based on the song. The cloze activity is a great intro to review the future tense endings, while the ethereal music (may) inspire students for the following speaking and writing activities.

I am including a youtube video with the song below, but I would recommend listening to it on SoundCloud because you can read along with the comments other listeners have made! A great extension for the activity could be for students (or the class as a whole) to make comments in Spanish as well, adding another level of authentic language use to the activity! If you do interact with SoundCloud, let me know how it goes in the comments. I am really interested in using it with my students!

Hoja de actividades «Te abrazaré» (PDF)

Clave de respuestas «Te abrazaré» (PDF)