4 Free Printables: Los mandatos informales irregulares

mandatos posters pics

Here are 4 printables you may like for your classroom!

Click on each link below for a PDF of the one you like best.

The colorful versions would be great posters, while the black and white could be handouts for your students to decorate and keep as a study resource.

PDF: Black and White NO Vin Diesel

PDF: Black and White WITH Vin Diesel

PDF: Colorful NO Vin Diesel

PDF: Colorful WITH Vin Diesel

PDF: Black background, colorful WITH Vin Diesel


These posters are based on the silly video “Learn Spanish with Vin Diesel,” a fun way to learn the irregular tú commands! Check it out!

La improbable amistad entre un perro y un búho (writing prompt with pictures)

¿Cuál es la historia de esta improbable amistad entre un perro y un búho? What is the story of this unlikely friendship between a dog and an owl? 

Escribe un cuento sobre cómo se conocieron y algunas de sus aventuras. Write a story about how they met and some of their adventures.