Y al final…sí cupo (pretérito, verbos irregulares)

Moving day! Fitting the couch in your car on moving day can be a big accomplishment

cupo pret

What is the infinitive form of “cupo“?

es un verbo irregular

en el pretérito


Do you know why caber is in the preterite in this example?

Like we said, fitting the couch in the car was an accomplishment

Accomplishing a goal, like fitting a couch in your car (regardless of the consequences!), is a completed action. The action is complete, mission accomplished!

Acción completada = pretérito

4 Free Printables: Los mandatos informales irregulares

mandatos posters pics

Here are 4 printables you may like for your classroom!

Click on each link below for a PDF of the one you like best.

The colorful versions would be great posters, while the black and white could be handouts for your students to decorate and keep as a study resource.

PDF: Black and White NO Vin Diesel

PDF: Black and White WITH Vin Diesel

PDF: Colorful NO Vin Diesel

PDF: Colorful WITH Vin Diesel

PDF: Black background, colorful WITH Vin Diesel


These posters are based on the silly video “Learn Spanish with Vin Diesel,” a fun way to learn the irregular tú commands! Check it out!