Improve Spanish Pronunciation: PTK (Video)

ptk pronunciation image¡PTK! The tip I share in the video below is my favorite pronunciation tip because it was SUCH a “light bulb moment” for me when I finally learned about /ptk/ in my first Spanish linguistics class. The thing is, I had already been learning Spanish for SIX years!

I have to admit, I was a bit frustrated that none of my previous Spanish teachers had taught me this and other pronunciation tips, but it also motivated me to continue studying linguistics! Now I teach my students pronunciation throughout beginning level courses, and I am (slowly…very slowly) making these YouTube videos for students to keep practicing at home.

What are your thoughts on teaching pronunciation? How important is it for Spanish language-learners, and when/how should it be taught? I´d love to read your ideas in the comments!

Modales en la mesa a nivel internacional: Actividad cultural para practicar los mandatos informales

Modales EspañaLos mandatos informales, informal “tú” commands, can be a bit challenging at first because you must remember to conjugate the verb differently depending on whether the command is affirmative (Yes! Do it! ¡Sí! ¡Hazlo!) or negative (No! Don´t do it! ¡No! ¡No lo hagas!) This cultural presentation will take you on a journey of table manners around the world while practicing affirmative versus negative tú commands.


  • Practice conjugating affirmative and negative tú commands
  • Practice vocabulary about food & the table
  • Make cultural connections about table manners

First, conjugate the verbs in this handout: Modales Internacionales Handout

Next, check your answers and discuss the cultural customs in more detail in this Powerpoint presentation: Modales Internacionales Powerpoint

Share your reflections and what you´ve learned in the questions at the bottom of the handout. Do you think any of these tips for international table manners will come in handy someday?

Modales México

The images in the presentation were adapted for educational purposes from an infographic & article by Huffingtion Post España.

Also, thank you to the Teaching & Learning Spanish Blog Facebook Page for sharing the Huffington Post article.

If you would like to share these materials, please do so by providing a link to this blog post. Thank you!

Aquí se resume lo que sucede cuando se lleva un libro a película: Quick conversation/ writing prompt (comparaciones)

lo que sucede

¿Estás de acuerdo o no?

¿Cuáles libros son mejores que las películas basadas en ellos?

¿Cuáles peliculas son mejores que los libros en los que se basaron?

Para más discusión de este tema, aquí hay un artículo que se llama “11 películas que son mejores que los libros en los que se basaron“. ¿Están de acuerdo con la lista presentada en el artículo? ¿Por qué sí o no?

comparativos ser

La rana y el sobre: Quick writing prompt (pretérito)

Escribe una leyenda por cada imágen de la tira cómica.

Write a caption for each image of the comic.

Usa el pretérito para narrar eventos que ocurrieron en el pasado.

Use the preterite form of verbs to narrate events that occurred in the past.

ranas. pret. writing

Algunas palabras útiles:

la ranafrog

el sobreenvelope

la lenguatongue


escribirto write

cerrarto close

la cartaletter (written correspondence)

Irregular preterite verbs: Free printouts for organized visual learning

Irregular preterites free printablesThese free printouts offer an organized go-to visual for to have on hand while learning the irregular preterite verbs. You may prefer the colorful version for a poster or the less colorful for a handout for students. Click the links for the free PDFs!

Irregular preterite verbs colorful

Irregular preterite Verbs Less color for printing

El currículum de Homer Simpson (vocabulario: las profesiones)

¡El currículum de Homer Simpson es impresionante! Además, es un meme divertido para presentar vocabulario sobre las profesiones. Una actividad basada en este meme: Crear un currículum de otro personaje (¿Barbie, Bugs Bunny, Wishbone? ¡No sé cuáles programas son populares hoy en día! ¡Deja un comenario si tienes una idea!)

Homer Simpson´s resume is impressive! Also, it´s a fun meme to introduce vocabulary about professions. An  activity based on this meme: Create a resume for another character (Barbie, Bugs Bunny, Wishbone? I don´t know which shows are popular these days! Leave a comment if you have an idea!)

Currículum de Homer Simpson

Y al final…sí cupo (pretérito, verbos irregulares)

Moving day! Fitting the couch in your car on moving day can be a big accomplishment

cupo pret

What is the infinitive form of “cupo“?

es un verbo irregular

en el pretérito


Do you know why caber is in the preterite in this example?

Like we said, fitting the couch in the car was an accomplishment

Accomplishing a goal, like fitting a couch in your car (regardless of the consequences!), is a completed action. The action is complete, mission accomplished!

Acción completada = pretérito