«Quisiera que bailes conmigo» – Tommy Portugal – Subjuntivo

Completa la hoja de actividades mientras escuchas la canción.

Hoja de actividades_Quisiera que bailes conmigo_Tommy Portugal_(subjuntivo) (PDF)

Clave de respuestas_Quisiera que bailes conmigo_Tommy Portugal_(subjuntivo) (PDF)

4 pensamientos en “«Quisiera que bailes conmigo» – Tommy Portugal – Subjuntivo

  1. AMAZING worksheets! I just stumbled upon your website and am loving your Canciones page! I was wanting to incorporate more songs along with grammar and your worksheets are so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and for your hard work! I can’t thank you enough.

    Me gusta

    • Yeah, this one will really get stuck in your head! It was played like background music in a novela I used to watch, and it would always be in my head, haha. Fortunately all of that thinking about the song helped me make a song activity for it though! That’s a good idea for using it for pronouns. Maybe I will do that too next time. Thanks for commenting and letting me know how it went!

      Me gusta

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