Descubrir una canción… (futuro) (subjuntivo) (pronombre de objeto directo)


Song activity: “Azul” – Natalia Lafourcade – El subjuntivo

I love this song and video!!! It is so fun and really speaks to my inner child.  See below for a free PDF worksheet and answer key for practicing with the subjunctive (and more).

Comments and suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Hoja de actividades: “Azul” – Natalia Lafourcade

Clave de respuestas: “Azul” – Natalia Lafourcade

Update! I just found this video on Youtube that shows another brilliant way to use this song in class! Posted by Youtube username Connor Nebesky, it seems that students have illustrated each line in the song. ¡Me encanta!

Another update! This video was made by one of Sra. Jacob’s students (Blog: Cultura y Civilización). She uses this song in her “Los miedos y las leyendas” unit. Visit her blogpost here for lots of great resources and ideas!